White Light Black Static

An Immersive Audiovisual Performance

Image is sound and sound is image: in White Light Black Static complex monochromatic images light up the performance space while interactive software transforms these images into intricately convoluted sounds. The precise synchronization of image and sound creates an experience that is at times powerful and overwhelming, at times subdued and fragile. Geometric patterns transform into chaotic structures that evolve into faint shadows, which then grow into rapid successions of flashing luminous forms.

Ten years after his audiovisual composition Black Noise White Silence impacted itself on the retinas of countless fans of electronic music, Marcel Wierckx has reworked the algorithms from that piece to create a new, live audiovisual performance: White Light Black Static. This new work explores the next level of immersive audiovisual music by combining multiscreen projection, spatialization, and intense synchronicity into a live performance.

Live performances of White Light Black Static are a cross between a concert event and immersive installation. Visitors are free to view the work from different angles, giving them the opportunity to fully experience the dynamic forces that are created by the audiovisual synchronicity.

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This project is supported by the Netherlands Fund for Performing Arts+