Tin Men and the Telephone

Tinmendo: interactive software for a band on a mission to reinvent music and change the way we see the world.

Tin Men and the Telephone combines innovative, improvised music with live electronics, disruptive visuals and audience participation. Each Tinmen show promises a full multimedia experience with an unmissable message. And the best part is that you get to actively participate by creating input with your smartphone!

Tin Men and the Telephone is reinventing music as we know it. Get ready for a spicy combination of tunes and technology. Join the show and play along! Watch, listen and participate like you never have before. Every performance is 100% interactive. As an audience member you make key decisions with the app for us to improvise with. You become a part of a multi-faceted, hugely engaging and incredibly fun interactive show.

Tin Men and the Telephone create shows with a message. Climate change is real! Aliens are coming! Abduct the demagogues! Bold criticism with a musical twist.

Tinmendo was featured in an article by Gregory Taylor for Cycling74.com.
Below is a video from Tinmen's collaboration with Metropole Orkest.