Tony Roe's Modular Piano

Audioreactive visuals for live performance by Tony Roe

Commissioned by BIMHUIS Productions, premiered on June 24th 2021.

Tony Roe (1979) has been working for quite some time as a keys player, composer and sound designer. Since graduating from the Conservatory of Amsterdam in 2009, he has been looking for new ways to make music. For example, he uses visuals and other media that are fully interactive with the music to improvise. Roe also integrates multimedia elements into the shows for his piano trio Tin Men and the Telephone; for example by letting the audience influence the music during a concert via an app. This led to unique collaborations with the Metropole Orchestra, among others. During the first lockdown, Roe created a fully interactive show for Tin Men, with the audience still able to participate through an app and other technologies.

In short: Tony Roe is the perfect person to answer question: how do you create new work in these times? He wrote new pieces especially for BIMHUIS Productions and is performing solo for the first time. The piano is complemented by modular synthesizers and interactive visuals created by Marcel Wierckx.