Light and Sound Play

Computer generated sound and image. Part of the Optofonica Showcase at
the 16th International Festival of Computer Arts (MFRU 2010) in Maribor.

What is really interesting about systems involving infinite feedback loops is not the recursion itself, but the nature of material one puts into the system. This is the place where "happy accidents" come into existence - it is impossible to predict the result when even the slightest impulses are placed into systems which amplify their subtleties.

Light and Sound Play: Black-White-Recursion is a generative audiovisual work which plays with this idea by using slight impulses of noise and light to create fantastically complex images and sounds simultaneously. Parallel recursive processes transform these impulses into complex data that is simultaneously visible and audible. Watching these processes take place in performance, the audience becomes aware of the imaginary space created when our perception is forced to link disparate sensory information into a single experience.