Dromen als Messiaen

Audiovisual performance of Olivier Messiaens ‘La Nativité du Seigneur’
More info at www.dromenalsmessiaen.nl

What if you could not only hear sound, but also see it in full color? The French organist and composer Olivier Messiaen linked colors to sounds when he composed his pieces. In "Dromen als Messiaen" (Dreaming like Messiaen) the audience dives into an amazing world where sound and color come together. Imagine an intense audiovisual performance with flowing images and colors projected onto the organ itself.

Messiaen's "La Nativité du Seigneur", based on the Christmas story, is performed like never before. The live video images are based on the nine pastel drawings that the French painter Charles Blanc-Gatti (1890-1966) made for one of the first performances in 1936. Blanc-Gatti, a friend of Messiaen, was one of the founders of Musicalism, an art movement in which painters put theories about the relationship between sound and color into practice. The color animations in "Dromen als Messiaen" are generated from the timbres that are unique to each organ and location - each performance is thereby a unique event.

Below, to the left are Blanc-Gatti's original artworks from 1936, to the right are stills from the performance.