Chambre des Petits Plaisirs (Chamber of Little Pleasures)

Digital music, video and interactive performance system for contemporary dance. Produced by MorphoDidius.

The second work of the Chambre series, wherein MorphoDidius creates more experimental works which challenge the audience. In Chambre des petits plaisirs the concepts of installation art and theatrical performance are combined. The unique nature of this works makes it especially suitable for performance in alternative performance venues, such as museums, galleries, churches and vacant spaces.
The concept for Chambre des petits plaisirs came from Isabel Ariel, who had the idea to build a performance around a single visual image. The piece grew through the collective thought associations of MorphoDidius, who drew their inspiration from the surrealists.

Concept: Isabel Ariel
Dance: Benjamin Petitjean, Nicolas Delamotte Legrand and Marcel Wierckx
Choreography: Benjamin Petitjean
Music and video: Marcel Wierckx
Costumes: Nicolas Delamotte Legrand