Black Noise White Silence (Zwarte Ruis Witte Stilte)

Computer generated sound and image.

Zwarte Ruis Witte Stilte (Black Noise White Silence) is a compact, computer-generated audiovisual work which makes use of minimal resources to demonstrate the impact possible with digital media. The tight synchronization of video and audio is the dominant source of tension in this piece - the visual activity is mapped explicitly pixel-per-pixel to the audio track, resulting in an intense multi-sensoral experience for the viewer. It was inspired by the experimental video works of computer graphics pioneers such as Lillian Schwartz and John Whitney. The use of fractal-generated source material gives this work an organic quality, while its compact form provides a sense of immediacy and contiguity.

Black Noise White Silence has been released on Line's Optofonica DVD .

Review excerpts:

A new and impressive DVD/Book combo has just been released by LINE and it is an essential for anyone out there following contemporary sonic cinema art. ... Black Noise White Silence by Marcel Wierckx alone is brilliant. (TJ Norris, unBLOGGED)

Can we give some kind of award to LINE overseer Richard Chartier for ensuring that material of this rarefied and elaborately presented kind—especially in such fragile economic times—finds it way into the marketplace? ... Some pieces naturally turn out to be more memorable than others, including Marcel Wierckx’s Black Noise White Silence, a three-minute, achromatic blizzard of eruptive convulsions and rapidly fluttering forms. (