Art of the Eyebrow

Interactive visuals for a new contemporary jazz ensemble with Tony Roe.

Art of the Eyebrow is about contrasts, movements, intimate music, free improvisation, interactive visuals and eyebrow tutorials. Perhaps not the easiest form to fathom but capable of raising many an eyebrow.

Art of the Eyebrow was founded by Tony Roe after he was given the prestigious 2014 North Sea Jazz Composition commission. He has taken this opportunity to bring together the best of Dutch improvisers – string trio, bass clarinet and piano – and combine them with a brilliant Japanese dancer, a marvellous interactive visual artist and plenty of facial expressions.

Line up:
Tony Roe – piano & electronics
Jeffrey Bruinsma – violin
Oene van Geel – viola
Jörg Brinkmann – cello
Joris Roelofs – bass clarinet
Kenzo Kusuda – dance
Marcel Wierckx – interactive visuals

Premiere performance at the North Sea Jazz Festival on July 11th 2014.